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-=[FDG]=- Recruitment Application.

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  • -=[FDG]=- Recruitment Application.

    Want to game at -=[FDG]=-???

    You can already do that, you do not need to be an -=[FDG]=- member to race or shoot on our servers, or join our Teamspeak.

    If you do want to become a part of an experienced team and really good bunch of people, you have come to the right place.

    We welcome donations at -=[FDG]=- but the bulk of the server costs are taken on by -=[FDG]=- members.

    So be aware there is a small monthly financial commitment with this application.

    If you do not wish your application to be public, Simply copy the selection below and private message it to any -=[FDG]=- member.
    It will be posted in our members area for perusal of the High Council.:chuncky:

    First name:

    2nd name:



    What games do you play:

    Have you ever been known for or caught cheating:

    Gaming name: Names you have been known by ingame

    Game name you would like to use if this application is successful: -=[FDG]=-???

    Are you aware there is a small monthly financial donation required:

    Have you been active in Teamspeak:

    Are you having problems navigating these forums:

    Are you a folder or a scruncher:

    OK ... Stop lookin for the reply button, This is a closed thread.
    To create an application select all the text in between the two images and copy the text.
    Create a new post for each application.
    Paste what you have copied into the new post and add your answers
    ONLY -=[FDG]=- members to respond to applications please.
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