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Hello from, ummm. Ill get back to ya

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  • Hello from, ummm. Ill get back to ya

    Ello I'm uncle Joeeee. I come from a land down under n i like big buts and i can not lie.
    I often look at windows and doors and my imaginary friend scotty likes things and stuff. I also think about thinking often as
    it really gives me pleasure cos i can't get no satisfaction talking with this guy Grey who often makes me dry, I mean cry but its ok
    cos he sends me really educational videos about dumb shit. Im so happy to be here, I really need some new friends
    cos the blow up doll some stitchy guy gave me never has anything to say, an often flat conversation at best, I think its worn out, thats what some dude told me. I think he's name was dizz, no wait it was a bloody goanna, It tried to root my leg, was like a Beaver on a hunk of timber i tell ya.
    As for racing, i have been driving for like two hours now, Im so fast In the Goggomobil, you guy's would be so happy with me, I know this guy rickstar is. He told me he's been
    driving for years, He ever mention some driving game " Race driver" said he was the best. I find it hard to believe cos i'm already beating him.
    Might be cos he's always driving a McFlurry car.
    I must go now, My hot ass g/f is calling, she's sooooo beautifull, Ill even share a pic. Bye

    Ps. A lap dance is somuch better when the stripper is crying

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    Onya Auntie Joe...


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      Joey....darling watch this and give me a call.


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        Damn thats the one I just posted, you watch a lot of these eh GreyLord LOL


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            Made by the kiwi's ?