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  • Incident Report - decision

    FDG - Radical champ Rnd 5- incident report involving JFF Koil & FDG DV8

    Blackwood (reloaded)
    Lap 1 race 2 turn 7,JFF-Koil,rear ended DV-8 , no redress

    Due to no attempt to redress a penalty of 10 points to be deducted from Jff Koil final race results......
    Last edited by -=[FDG]=-Dizz; 31st-May-2019, 03:01 PM.

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    Hi Guy's,

    Honestly I don't recall the incident other than being shunted myself during that race. Fair is fair & I'll abide your decision. Sorry DVee :-(


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      Updated: I had a look at the replay & clearly I gave him a shunt, but as he was punted right off when everyone else was squabbling I recall him saying "Just keep going" so if it's a standard 10 points so be it but Dizz you stated "No Attempt" was made. Hope that clears it up & again sorry Dvee. That's costing me 3rd in the series by a point, so I hope we all have a good last round :-) Thanks to RobZee for bringing the Report to my attention.