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  • Racing Rules

    In all -=[FDG]=- races you are expected to know basic racing rules and etiquette, most are just common sense.

    It is mandatory for drivers to be on our teamspeak server during Qualifying and the Race.


    No deliberate knocks or crashes.

    No blocking of cars that are lapping you.

    No abuse of any members will be tolerated.(via In race chat or teamspeak)

    Fair and proper racing to be driven every time you are online.

    Proper care and respect is to be shown at all times to all members.

    No team driving to help others unless it’s a team race.


    Generally speaking, the passing car is ultimately responsible for making a safe pass at a safe time.
    However, it is both drivers responsibility to ensure a safe pass is made. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.

    When trying to protect your position you can only move once to defend your position when approaching a corner.
    (Swerving on straights is not acceptable).

    While passing on the inside line when approaching a corner you must have at least a ½ car overlap before you enter your breaking position, if not back out.

    Should you be shown the blue, you will yield to the following vehicle at the next safest point. But it is still up the passing car to make the pass...Hold your line. A slight lift on the throttle once the passing vehicle has moved out to pass is all that is required.

    If you are attempting to pass on the outside around a corner you must be at least evenly alongside the car you are overtaking, otherwise you have no right being there and you must back off and give the racing line back.

    When re entering a track from pit lane or after an excursion it is your responsibility to avoid other cars.

    Deliberate corner cutting, or using a part of a track run off, or pit area that is not intended to be part of the race track will be deemed to be ‘Gaining an Unfair Advantage’ and you may be Penalised or DQ. (2 wheels must always remain on the racing track surface).

    When making a pass or being passed, ensure that you allow racing room for both drivers to compete fairly.

    Any collisions large or small will incur the penalties listed below.

    When there is any sort of collision, whether it is minor or major both drivers must acknowledge it with each other, and take the following appropriate action.


    In an endurance race where there are two drivers, there will be a minimum of 40% of race distance (or race time if a timed race) to be completed by one of the drivers.
    Where there are three drivers there will be a minimum of 30% race distance (or race time if a timed race) to be completed for each driver.

    For timed races, the advertised race time duration is to be used for calculation of driver time.
    As an example if the race is advertised as a 2hr race then
    for a 2 driver race, each driver must complete a minimum of 48 minutes driving (40%*120)
    and for 3 drivers they must each do a minimum of 36 minutes driving (30%*120).
    Non compliance to this will result in the team being “Not Classified”


    At -=[FDG]=- we generally do a single hotlap for qualification, ie an outlap followed by one timed lap and then escaping back to pits after completion of the one timed lap.
    On most tracks completion of more than one timed lap will result in automatic DQ from the game, however there are some tracks that do not. You are not to exploit this.

    Penalty: If you do a second (or more) timed lap/s you will start the race from the back of the grid.


    No Position Changes or Car Damage.
    Penalty: None.

    Position change.
    Penalty: Redress the Position(s) Gained, No Redress +30 Point Penalty

    A Position is made by corner cutting or corner extending
    Penalty: Redress the Position(s) Gained, No Redress +30 Point Penalty

    Multiple position changes.
    Penalty.…. Redress Open to +15 Point penalty, No Redress +30 Points

    Damage to the offended car (offended car can continue but is losing at least 1+ seconds per lap).
    Penalty.…. Redress, Open to +15 Point penalty, No Redress +30 Points

    If you take someone out and they cannot continue.
    Penalty.…. +100 Point Penalty.

    If you take someone out for a 2nd time in the same round and they cannot continue.
    Penalty.…. DQ, no points for that whole round. (You may be suspended from racing).

    Unsportsmanlike driving will result in a 25 point loss and 5 (five) grid spots in the next event for the first offence,
    a second offence will result in a 50 point loss and start rear of grid in the next event, a third offence will be disqualification from the championship.

    When re-entering the track after coming off or from pits and you hit another car.
    The appropriate penalty from above will be used.

    If any of the above rules are broken the administration have the right to remove you from the server if they feel it was a deliberate act.
    Further action may be taken at a later date if administration deems it to be a serious enough breech of rules.

    In the event of somebody who thinks they have been unfairly treated on or off the racetrack they can send a pm to a -=[FDG]=- member on these forums.
    Alternatively, if you are on Teamspeak you can request an admin to move you to another room and discuss the issue there.


    Appeals to race control decisions can be made by sending a PM to one of the -=[FDG]=- Racing administrators. {by 9pm Saturday}
    All appeals will be reviewed but decisions will only be revised if additional information is presented that may be of importance to the incident.


    At -=[FDG]=- we always welcome new competitors into our series, the more the merrier.
    Please remember that if you are new to our series or not a regular competitor that there will be other competitors that have been racing in the series from the start, and they will be fighting for valuable points to beat their closest rivals.

    So we do ask if you could check the results before you start competing in our series so you can familiarise and remember the names of those who have been competing from or near the start of the series, and while you are racing to give them a bit more room than you would normally, we're not saying you can't race them but try to avoid any contact with them so there is no risk of you taking them out of a race and perhaps ruining their chances in the series.

    Thanks Goanna
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