Driver Swap Guide

  • Drivers must have the ‘passenger select’ key mapped
  • Drivers must be able to navigate in the pit menu
  • Drivers must have the same setup with the following exceptions, which are taken over from the car itself:
    • Brake Bias
    • Tire compound
    • Tire pressures
    • Rear wing
    • Traction Control setting
  • Said setup needs to be assigned (so it has become default setup and automatically loads correctly in when you join the session)

How to get into spectator mode:
  1. Join the server
  2. Select the car
  3. Click ‘Back’
  4. Go to network settings and switch ‘spectator’ to ‘on’
  5. Now click race and you should be joined as spectator

Don’t forget to turn it ‘off’ again after the race!

The actual swap:
  1. You should start with the following procedure 10 min before the pitstop
  2. The driver swapping in, connects to the server – in case he was already on the server he must reconnect. Don’t forget as the driver swapping in, you must be in spectator mode
  3. As soon as he connected, he selects the car (with the correct driver) and presses the ‘Passenger select’ key
  4. Both should see now: ‘XYZ is now riding with you’
  5. Then the pilot must select the name under ‘driver’ in the pit stop menu
  6. Now the driver swapping in can press ‘Race’ (big button on the right) – most people do that when the car is entering the pits
  7. Now the driver swapping in should change the camera into your desired one, if that’s necessary
  8. When the car stopped in the pit spot and the pitstops starts, the pilot should see ‘losing control in XY sec’, the driver swapping in should see ‘gaining control in XY sec’
  9. 3 sec before ‘gaining control’ the driver swapping in can press the accelerator and should prepare to shift up
  10. As soon as you gained control, shift up once, as you get the car in neutral gear
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